vendredi 2 mars 2012

the course of YouTube worth $ 197 for free download

the name of course : 

 Chaddo Youtube cash update with Youtube software 

The contents of the course:

Secret Tool Predicts If a Video Will Be Popular
Predict How Many Views A Video Will Get (Almost Exact)
Create Your Own Videos For Free, Without a Camera
Create Your Own Videos Without a Camera Part 2
Predict Which Clickbank Products Will Sell On Youtube
How to Increase Your Video Views by 1500%
Quick and Easy Mass Video Distribution (For Free)
Video Keyword Technique (Don't Skip This)
Keyword Research Using Market Samurai
The Youtube Keyword Tool
Get Your Video in Google's Top 10 In 3 Days
More (Fast) Ways to Get Into Google's Top 10
Insert External Links On TOP of Youtube Videos (new loophole)
Optimizing A Youtube PPC Campaign
Know Your Visitor Value
Google Is Indexing Youtube Audio: How to Optimize It
Forcing Youtube to Let You Choose Your Thumbnail Image
How (and Why) to Track Your Sales Process
How to: Adwords Conversion Tracking
How to: Tracking using Tracking 202
How to: Tracking Using Hypertracker
How to: Tracking Using Google Analytics
How to: Tracking Using
YouTube Video Keyword Finder Software
YouTube Comment Bot Software
Bonus Book

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