mercredi 14 décembre 2011

Adsense Assassin

Adsense Assasin Top Secret Blueprint: This is the nuts and bolts of the course that explains what Google Adsense is, how to get started with an account, choosing keywords for a site, what niche is working for the author – and of course, the step-by-step plan for setting up your site and driving traffic to it. One key bit to this course is ad placement for the best conversion rate, which is covered estensively in this module of the course. Lastly, this module covers some areas to consider outsourcing, and where to outsource those tasks to

Adsense Assassin SEO101: Adsense sites really need to take advantage of search engine traffic to get the cheapest traffic (ie free!), and this module is all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get the most from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are some more examples of what kind of keywords are ideal to target for SEO, as well as a breakdown of key onsite factors to optimize and offsite factors (backlinks) to take advantage of. This is really where this course differs from others because Adsense Assassin doesn’t pretend that automated backlinking doesn’t exist, or that it isn’t effective. Rather, it points you in the direction of using these to your advantage to save time if getting the software is an option for your budget. In all honesty, some of these programs are well worth the price and will pay for themselves over and over in many ways

Adsense Assassin Theme Pack: This is a pack of about two dozen templates for WordPress that will help you build sites to convert your traffic into ad revenue. They won’t win any visual awards, but they will increase your income. One beginner mistake of making with adsense is forgetting that the main objective is to get the user to click on googles ads. This course and these themes will help you master that

Adsense Assassin Application: This is a keyword tool that will help you find related keywords that I can almost guarantee your competition won’t be optimizing their site for. This is just another way to new sources of traffic for your site, and more traffic means more click throughs and more revenue

WordPress Tutorial Videos: This is one of the more in depth tutorials I’ve seen for setting up and optimizing your WordPress blogs. For anyone that hasn’t used WordPress or has never created their own site before, these tutorials will get you started the right way so that the rest of the course will be manageable for you

Adsense Assassin Bonuses: This course went the extra mile to include some extra WordPress tools for you to work with. Once you have the basics mastered, these bonuses will take your sites to the next level. I suggest saving them for your second site once the first one is running and profitable

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Adsense Assassin
Assassin Application
Adsense Assassin SEO 101
Adsense Assassin Theme Pack

Essential Bonus WP Plugins

Bonus WP Themes

Wordpress Tutorial Videos

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AdSense Assassin is a complete course about how to earn money using Google AdSense. Kartik Khattar, the creator of this training course, claims the methods that he teaches in this course are the same ones that he used to make $5,500 with AdSense in three months. He clarifies that at the time he was only using one website to make those earnings.
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