vendredi 20 janvier 2012

Official Google Blog: Don't censor the web

You might notice several of your favorite websites look totally different these days. Wikipedia is down. WordPress is dark. We’re censoring our homepage emblem and asking you to petition Congress. therefore what’s the large deal?

Right now in Washington D.C., Congress is considering 2 bills that will censor the net and impose burdensome laws on yankee businesses. They’re referred to as the shield IP Act (PIPA) within the Senate and also the Stop on-line Piracy Act (SOPA) within the House. Here’s what they’d do:

PIPA & SOPA can censor the net. These bills would grant new powers to law enforcement to filter the net and block access to tools to induce around those filters. we all know from expertise that these powers are on the want list of oppressive regimes throughout the planet. SOPA and PIPA conjointly eliminate due method. they supply incentives for yankee firms to pack up, block access to and stop servicing U.S. and foreign web sites that copyright and trademark house owners allege are illegal with none due method or ability of a wrongfully targeted website to hunt restitution.
    PIPA & SOPA can risk our industry’s log of innovation and job creation. These bills would build it easier to sue law-abiding U.S. companies. Law-abiding payment processors and net advertising services is subject to those personal rights of action. SOPA and PIPA would conjointly produce harmful (and uncertain) technology mandates on U.S. net firms, as federal judges second-guess technological measures employed by these firms to prevent unhealthy actors, and doubtless impose inconsistent injunctions on them.
    PIPA & SOPA won't stop piracy. These bills wouldn’t get rid of pirate sites. Pirate sites would simply amendment their addresses so as to continue their criminal activities. There are higher ways in which to deal with piracy than to raise U.S. firms to censor the net. The foreign rogue sites are in it for the money, and that we believe the most effective thanks to shut them down is to chop off their sources of funding. As a result, Google supports different approaches just like the OPEN Act.

Fighting on-line piracy is extraordinarily vital. we have a tendency to are investing lots of your time and cash in that fight. Last year alone we have a tendency to acted on copyright takedown notices for over five million webpages and invested over $60 million within the fight against ads showing on unhealthy sites. and that we assume there's additional that may be done here—like targeted and targeted steps to chop off the money provide to foreign pirate sites. If you narrow off the money flow, you narrow the inducement to steal.

Because we expect there’s an honest method forward that doesn’t cause collateral injury to the net, we’re joining Wikipedia, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Mozilla and alternative net firms in speaking out against SOPA and PIPA. And we’re asking you to sign a petition and be a part of the millions who have already reached out to Congress through phone calls, letters and petitions asking them to rethink SOPA and PIPA.

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